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About LS Garden Design

About Us & Our Services

Your garden could be the pride and joy you deserve.

Londonscapes LS Garden Design, a reputable landscaping company based in Walthamstow, boasts a legacy dating back to 1997. We remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional landscaping solutions. With a focus on quality and innovation, LS Garden Design has earned a stellar reputation as a go-to landscaper in the Walthamstow area.

Our Landscaping Services

At LS Garden Design, we offer a comprehensive range of landscaping services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. From concept to completion, our team is equipped to handle every aspect of your landscaping project.

  • Turfing: Achieve a lush, green lawn with our professional turfing services.
  • Planting: Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with carefully curated plant selections.
  • Paving: Create stunning pathways, patios, and outdoor living areas with our expert paving solutions.
  • Raised Beds: Add depth and dimension to your garden with custom-built raised beds.
  • Artificial Grass: Enjoy the look of a perfectly manicured lawn without the hassle of maintenance.
  • Water Features: Bring tranquillity to your garden with elegant water features designed to captivate the senses.
  • Pergolas: Create a charming outdoor retreat with our bespoke pergola designs.
  • Outdoor Kitchens: Elevate your outdoor entertaining experience with a custom-designed outdoor kitchen, perfect for hosting gatherings and special occasions.

Why Choose LS Garden Design?

When you choose LS Garden Design for your landscaping project, you can expect nothing but the best. Our team combines years of experience with a passion for excellence to deliver outstanding results that exceed expectations. From concept to completion, we'll work closely with you to bring your vision to life and create an outdoor space that reflects your unique style and personality.

Ready to transform your outdoor oasis? Contact LS Garden Design today and let us make your landscaping dreams a reality.



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